On the vineyards nothing is left to chance: from winter pruning to the harvest, everything is done with the aim of creating the best conditions for the plant to produce grapes of the highest quality. For this purpose, we employ the best methods ensuring the lowest possible environmental impact.

A constant balance between innovation and tradition.

The company was developed by Girolamo (Momi) Spadetto and Anna Maria, who dedicated their life to the cultivation of the Glera variety on the hills around Col san Martino. With their work they further developed what had been started by Momi’s father, Antonio, who was managing the company before them and begun to modernize it.

Riva Granda is located half way between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, on the hills surrounding Col San Martino. Our grapes come from 7.5 hectares of land where the only cultivation is the grapevine, almost entirely formed by a family-owned single plot that has always been known by the name RIVA GRANDA. The Spadetto family has been living here and cultivating these mild slopes for generations, since 1700. Our work bases on the awareness that the success of the VALDOBBIADENE DOCG derives from the fusion of past, present and future. In this specific geographical context, these three elements intertwine, resulting in a unique product that reflects, with all its nuances, the territory where it is made.

Our wines are produced exclusively on the surrounding hills and they are the result of a mostly manual farming. We only use grapes from our own production.

Today it is their daughter who carries on the activity, following the know-how learnt from her parents and with their same passion for these wines and the territory. Silvia takes care of management and sales as well as the work in the winery while her husband, Giuseppe, carries out the heroic work on the vineyard. The excellence of a product is the result of many little steps, each of them planned and carried out in a precise and peculiar way. Our work in the winery is performed with the aim of carrying out every phase of wine making, from the grape pressing to the wine resting on its lees, in a natural way.

With this in mind, our first goal is the care of the vineyards on the hills, and also when we innovate we try to follow tradition. In the new plantings, together with the GLERA (prosecco) variety, we also maintain the types PERERA, BIANCHETTA and VERDISO, in different percentage depending on the location, a procedure that has always been followed in this area.